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25 Sasis Hot n Tot
08 Sasis Amandla Beef Rib Eye
09 Sasis Jabulani Salad
11 Sasis Melissia Restaurant
27 Sasis Banoffee Desserts

As our motto sizzle ‘n drizzle implies, Sasi’s is a sensation for all the senses. 

Our decision to create something completely new, rather than expand, is a mirror-like reflection of our commitment to shatter any semblance of complacency. We view Sasi’s Sizzle ‘n Drizzle as a perfect opportunity to respond to our customers’ feedback and requests, while giving us the freedom to express ourselves in a new environment. As such, come on over and you’ll discover that so much has changed yet the essence remains the same.


After much debate and lots and lots of tasting, we decided to extend the menu beyond the limits of Kozi’s, but without losing compass of what made you love the original flavours. The result is none other than an extended dining experience of the Kozi’s style that you know and love, with the addition of our new inspiration and accumulated experience to create a definitive Sasi’s experience. 


In our brand-new space, we’ve done our best to give you a sense of what it might feel like to be in South Africa. Earth-coloured bricks are what decorate many walls of buildings in South Africa, and so we’ve incorporated this style to grant you a home-y feel, no matter where you’re coming from.

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